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June 2014 Client of the Month – Dr. Nick!


Congrats to Dr. Nick DiMauro for being named as our “Client of the Month” for June! Dr. Nick is one of our most dedicated clients. He is up to any challenge you throw at him including the Tough Mudder this past May and Spartan Race this coming August! He is committed to his fitness by scheduling several times a week, either early morning and in between clients throughout the day. He gets it done – no excuses! Way to go Nick!!!

May 2014 Client of the Month – Charlene!

charleneIntroducing our client of the month Charlene! Charlene starting coming to classes during our March Madness special and was instantly hooked! She has lost 12lbs over the past 3 months and look fantastic! She gets to class everyday no matter what time! Congrats on your accomplishments Charlene! You look amazing and we look forward to seeing your future progress!

New SGX 6 week session to start June 21st

traversewallAre you currently registered or thinking of registering for a Spartan Race or any other type of Extreme Obstacle Course run? Let us help prepare you for race day with our SGX program that will challenge both mind and body. Our Certified SGX coaches will put you through the basics of what it means to “Spartan Up” and guarantee you will be both mentally and physically prepared!

This program begins on Saturday, June 21st at 10AM. We will meet at this time every week leading up to the Spartan Sprint in Amesbury which takes place on August 9th and 10th but, is open to any and all mud runners.

Spartan Group Training is quite simply the most unique group exercise program in the world. For what we believe to be the first time in group exercise history, an individual’s true purpose and motivations stand at the forefront of a large scale fitness program. SGX is designed to create an exhilarating and community driven group atmosphere of positivity, healthy living, awareness, and fitness that optimizes performance in Spartan Races, as well as in daily life.

SGX utilizes an independently developed system of periodization that allows specific components of one’s athleticism, nutrition, fitness, and attitude to be trained and developed throughout a training cycle. SGX is about getting the world’s population off their couches and moving more, eating healthier and more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

$20 Drop in fee or $100 for full 6 week commitment. Sign up on MindBody or contact Elena Luongo (elena@bodycofit.com) to register!

bodyco welcomes back Jesse Blackwell


bodyco is pleased to welcome back Jesse Blackwell.
Jesse will be returning to bodyco on Monday March 17th, he will offer Personal Training and lead classes. Jesse has been in the fitness industry for over 8 years and believes there are no quick, easy shortcuts. “You get what you put in. Consistency is key in living a healthy lifestyle and setting goals is a must so that you always have something to strive towards”. When working with Jesse you become a student of fitness. You will work hard. You will sweat. You will become educated so that your goals become a reality.
Jesse received his Bachelors Degree in Sports Management from Endicott College and is a certified Personal Trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and certified with FSN (Fitness Nutrition Specialist) and Concept 2 Rowers. Jesse specializes in sports performance, strength and conditioning, functional training & weight loss and group fitness. Be sure to check out the group class schedule on the website, www.bodycofit.com, with a listing of the classes Jesse will be teaching or contact bodyco to inquire about Personal Training with Jesse.

The Plank

BodyCo Exercise - The Plank

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