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Want to know what training at bodyco is really like? We’ll take you straight to the source – our members.

What makes Bodyco unique is the diversity of classes and creativity of workouts.  The team of fitness professionals at BodyCo challenge themselves as well as their clients by designing fitness programming that keep daily workouts intense and fresh to avoid both overworking specific body parts as well as keep clients engaged and progressing forward on their fitness journeys. 


“I have been a client of BodyCo for more than a year.Whether you need to understand proper form or have questions about nutrition, the staff at BodyCo is available to encourage and praise you as well as ensure exercises are being done properly, modified if necessary, and will work with your body type to ensure successful training.  The owners and staff at BodyCo are incredibly invested in their membership and familiarize themselves with each person to best assist them in reaching their fitness potential.  The BodyCo team works incredibly hard to engage each member as an individual to best understand their goals, and then works alongside each client so that they may achieve desired results—be it greater fitness, weight loss, improved sports performance, or overall health. That feeling of investment cannot be attained at a “box-style gym” nor can tailored workouts, which is a BodyCo hallmark.”

—Wendy A.

I am in the best shape of my life and I owe it all to the personal training and guidance of Jody Lupien. I feel great. I am stronger and have much more energy. I used to say that I peaked at 19, but now I have exceeded that fitness level. Jody knows how to combine exercises to work your whole body…even my legs (which I always used to ignore). I have competed in the Spartan Challenge and I am on track for the Tough Mudder. I am looking forward to running up hills with a weighted back pack! Thank you Jody!
—Nick D.

I have been a client for over 4 years. I started at bodyco to help build muscle and simply stay fit. I have been primarily a group training client and love that the trainers are able to provide modifications to any exercise they have planned for class. There are many different levels of clients here. It keeps the classes fun and challenging because every workout is unique and custom to the clients who attend. I recently underwent total knee replacement surgery and bodyco prepared me so well prior to the surgery, that my recovery was nothing short of amazing!
—Pat R.

I love bodyco because I love the trainers! My results have helped me to become a better runner. I am now able to run miles I never thought was possible. The furthest I could run before joining bodyco was five miles. Now I can run 14 miles without killing myself! I’m getting stronger with every class I take. Lauren, Jody and Laura consistently push me to the next level. It’s not about body building, it’s about making me feel strong and good about myself. Joining bodyco has helped me to have a positive attitude about any physical challenge I want to tackle.
—Rosa K.

When I began personal training with Jody my initial goal was to lose weight. Soon into my sessions my mindset changed, I started focusing less on the number on the scale because the bigger picture of hard work and overall health became far more important. My focus became how many push-ups can I do? What is my timed goal for running a mile? How can I incorporate something new and healthy into my meals? My new goals became exciting challenges! Even more motivating, while training at bodyco, I noticed a significant decrease in how often I was experiencing migraines. I was having severe migraines a few times a week and once I began exercising and eating healthier my migraines became nearly nonexistent! I am no longer reliant on migraine medicine or worried about missing a day of work. My overall health and strength has improved and I look forward to continued success at bodyco!
—Marissa W.

I like the personal attention and customized training program. Also like the small-scale gym that makes the most of its resources. Since starting at bodyco, I’m much more focused on my nutrition and form and have used my weekly workouts as motivation to work out at home as well. I recommend sharing your goals with your bodyco trainer so you can work together to develop a targeted, holistic workout program.

—Steve R.
At BodyCo, I don’t worry about falling off the wagon because they push you in the right way- I’ve worked out at other gyms where you are yelled at to do more reps at a higher weight and do not respect your boundaries or you knowing them. I have never felt that at BodyCo and I know I won’t get injured there because of something stupid like me trying to do the “prescribed” weight so I’m not judged. When I come back from an injury I can take my time and modify work outs until I’m back to a place where I feel comfortable.  They’ve created a community, where you can cheer one another on and care about each other’s livelihood.
I’ve been on diets since I was 8, seen multiple nutritionists, had trainers and have always been told I could get to this “ideal” by doing x,y and z. What is GREAT about BodyCo is that is something that has NEVER come up, and it is definitely not used as a selling point, like it is at so many gyms. It is about HEALTH- these women recognize that just because you are one of the bigger people in that class doesn’t mean you’re not healthy or strong or put plainly, equal to the rest of the class. This is probably the first gym where when I’ve had an assessment that hasn’t focused on losing weight, but on getting stronger. Being a larger girl it is always assumed you want to lose weight, you could lose 40 lbs (which I have) but if you’re above a certain size people still say “keep going”, never pausing to think maybe where you are is where you wanted to go. Being some “ideal” is not where the emphasis is- no assumptions are made- these women understand everybody’s body is different – they want to help you feel the best you can feel- and they won’t make you feel bad about yourself while doing it.
– Jill T.

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