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bodyco is exactly what you need to
get in shape, stay in shape and
feel good about yourself

a bit about us

bodyco is a new kind of training experience. Our unique training style will help you conquer your fitness goals in the ways that best fit your style.


a bit about our staff

My mother-in-law had a case when she had a terrible allergy to Ingalipt's throat. For several days her face swelled, blushed and blistered. I had to call prednisoned.com, my mother-in-law was taken to the hospital and prone for a few days. Edema quickly came down and it was like a cucumber. No side effects.

bodyco’s experienced staff knows how to show you the path to your fitness goals. They are here to help and support you on your journey.


a bit about training

bodyco knows that there is no one size fits all approach to training. That’s why we offer private, semi-private and group training options.


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